Scenes From a Cardinal Haunt (The Ballad of the Redbirds and Mikey)

If you aren’t acquainted with Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel, fix that.  A rare three-in-one song, it tells the story about high school friends getting together and reminiscing.  The line “from the high to the low to the end of the show” seemed to be a great descriptor of the last couple of weeks of Cardinals baseball and I was going to use it as a blog title.  Then I started tinkering and you know what happens when I do that.  Things end badly and I have to share them with you to make sure the time wasn’t completely wasted.

A jersey of white, a jersey of red
Wanting the bottle of bubbly instead
I’ll get us tickets, get us seats
In our old familiar place
You and I, face to face

A jersey of red, a jersey of white
If you wear the blues we’re gonna fight
I’ll meet you anytime you want
In our favorite Cardinal haunt

Things are OK with team these days
Got some good odds, got some October
Got a new life, a postseason life
And that makes everything fine
It seems so long ago
They lost games, I did not know
Things could ever look this nice
Right around this time

Do you remember those days hanging out
at the diamond green?
White and cream shirts, a sea of red
What a wonderful scene
See a Paul in the box send the
ball about three rows deep
Cold beer, hot lights
Those great exciting baseball nights

Redbirds and Mikey were the divisional leaders
Sweeping the Dodgers and Brewers at home
Cruising around with a three game lead and ready to roam
Nobody looked any finer
And all of their flaws seemed so very minor
We never knew we could want more than that out of life
Surely these Redbirds would always know how to survive

Redbirds and Mikey were still going steady when they headed into DC
When they decided that everyone sits after winning game three
After that things they went crazy
Postseason started to look too hazy
And hitters could never seem to come up with those signs of life
Oh, October was wavin’ the Redbirds and Mikey goodbye

They got to the All-Star with a third-place marker
And a couple of games in arrears
A big pile of dead that they bought with the bread
They had spent o’er a couple of years
They started to fight and the August show light
And they started to allay all the fears.

They lived for a while in a very nice style
And it started to pay off in the end
They headed up north as the lead reached the fourth
For the record at Wrigley to mend
Then the king called Yadi went deep to the green
And then Pauly went back there again

Redbirds and Mikey were winning already by September of twenty-nineteen
From the high to the low to the end of the show for this St. Louis team
Could they go back to the DS
Or would they get passed up by the Brewers
We only hoped they would all find a way to get by
That’s all I know about
The Redbirds and Mikey
Can’t tell you more than I
Told you now, crikey
And hope we aren’t wavin’ Redbirds and Mikey goodbye

A jersey of red, a jersey of white
If you wear the blues we’re gonna fight
I’ll meet you anytime you want
In our favorite Cardinal haunt

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