Stocking the Farm Part 3

For many years the best part about covering the MLB Draft has always been the stories. Say what you want about the internet and technology in general, but it is great when it works. The 2019 edition is no different when researching picks made by the Cardinals, and plenty of good narratives will come to light in the upcoming days.

More than anything else, however, this year’s draft will go down in history for St. Louis. After selecting one college and one high school player the first day, the Birds on the Bat completely ignored anyone that wasn’t a D1 prospect. Let’s finish off the last four future Cards by repeating much of what has already been written today.

After grabbing a catcher in the 6th round, it was back to the mound for both the 7th and 8th. Jack Ralston seemingly appeared out of nowhere this year for UCLA, and he will be one to watch at the next level for a few reasons. A common thread besides projectable arms for St. Louis has been a number of players who overcame obstacles to even hear their names called. Ralston fits that bill much like the first round pick, as they are perfect examples of fighting for what you want.

Two of the last three picks are bullpen arms who are always needed so don’t sleep on Logan Gragg from Oklahoma State or University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Jake Sommers. Filling out the Day 2 picks was power hitter Todd Lott from Louisiana-Lafayette, making it a clean sweep for the college side. Not only did St. Louis shy away from any infielders or high school arms thru 10 rounds, but now the question has to be what do the Cards do with the bonus money now.

Already limited by a small pool of funds, it appears one of two scenarios has been put into play. The most likely really makes sense and becomes logical after seeing a lack of picks with much leverage. The first two picks this year will command most of the bonus allowed, leaving little room for error. In the past few years, extra comp picks have given St. Louis more room to work. That makes the first two selections tomorrow all the more interesting given who is taken by the Cards. Will a couple of high school or junior college players with strong commitments (high bonus demands) come off the board first?

If not that play, it also could mean that the second round pick has some negotiating to do in order to join the pro ranks. Either way you break it down, a fascinating start to the draft will only get more fun to watch as the sprint from 11-40 will be here before you know it!

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