Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament: Second Round, Branch Rickey Regional, 2-7 Matchup

It’s the final week of the second round of the Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament.  Last week wasn’t without its glitches, what with The Intrepid and Cardsblog unable to put their matchups up, Redbird Rants having the right matchup in their text but the wrong one in their Twitter poll, and my matchup getting a grand total of seven votes.  If I thought that this tournament was going to relieve our frustrations, apparently I was misinformed.  (Also fairly interestingly, on the week he goes into the Cardinal Hall of Fame, both Mark McGwire‘s 62nd and 70th home runs got knocked out.)  After all that, here’s what the bracket looks like right now.

With all those glitches behind us, let’s wrap up the second round with this one:

#2 Chris Carpenter shuts out Philadelphia in Game 5 (2011)


#7 Grover Cleveland Alexander strikes out Tony Lazzeri in the World Series (1926)

The road here: Carpenter shut down Ozzie Smith‘s backflip; Alexander flipped Tom Lawless.

The clips:

Unsurprisingly, given the year, Alexander’s strikeout was not captured on video.

The matchup: Unless the massive push that Alexander got last time around happens again, it would seem Carpenter would wind up winning this.  It’s a stellar outing and one of my favorite games of all time, but you have to give a lot of credit to what Alexander did.  When you think of the huge names that were involved in that inning, if Alexander pulled off that feat today it probably would be talked about for years to come.  Not being able to see that moment, though, is such a drawback in a situation like this.

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