Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament: Second Round, Branch Rickey Regional, 4-5 Matchup

Here we are in the second week of the second round of the Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament (#BestCardsMoments).  I will admit, I was a little surprised to see how easily Bob Gibson‘s 17 strikeout game defeated Albert Pujols‘s moonshot off of Brad Lidge.  So after last week’s matchups, here’s (or here’s) the bracket:

Let’s check out our next battle.

#4 Bruce Sutter ends the World Series (1982)


#5 Jim Edmonds makes a diving catch in NLCS (2004)

The road here: Sutter struck out Mark Whiten, Edmonds dove past Willie McGee and Vince Coleman‘s speed antics.

The clips:

The matchup: There’s no doubt that locking down a World Series is a huge thing, but Edmonds’s catch is still one of those moments that completely stands out for me.  I’m still unsure how he covered all that ground and there’s no doubt it saved the game and allowed the Cards to rally for the win.  That’s my vote, but where do you stand?

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