Top Cards on Twitter 2016: 6-10

We’re in the home stretch.  Just this post and one more to go.  Who are this year’s top 10 Cardinal Twitter follows?  Keep reading to find out!

Number 10: craigjedwards
Writer . Managing Editor .

On Twitter since: February 2011
Number of Tweets: 12K
Following: 504
Followers: 3,002

Number of ballots: 34
First place votes: 0
Highest rank: 3rd
Total points: 478
2015 rank: 16

Craig makes a big jump this year, moving up six spots.  He’s obviously a sabermetrically inclined follow, given that his writing is featured not only at VEB but also Fangraphs, but he’s not above the emotion as well, as noted by his pinned Tweet of Tom Lawless’s bat flip.  You can also find him as one of the early users of Facebook Live, so if you follow him you should see those links.

Number 9: vivaelbirdos
news, notes, & analysis. managing editor: . editors: , , & the red baron

On Twitter since: November 2009
Number of Tweets: 17.9K
Following: 361
Followers: 17.4K

Number of ballots: 28
First place votes: 0
Highest rank: 2nd
Total points: 500
2015 rank: 6

Speaking of VEB, here’s the site’s official Twitter account.  As noted, it’s run by a number of voices and it’s sometimes fun trying to guess who is behind the controls on a given night, especially during the season.  While links to the myriad pieces that show up on the website probably makes up most of the Tweets, the account is not afraid to interact with their followers.

Number 8: buffa82
Family man. Coffee addict. Co-Host of via Mon-Fri 5-7 AM. Columnist for . I sleep sometimes.

On Twitter since: January 2011
Number of Tweets: 115K
Following: 5,797
Followers: 7,370

Number of ballots: 30
First place votes: 2
Highest rank: 1st
Total points: 505
2015 rank: 7

It’s been a big year for Dan, moving back to St. Louis, upgrading his recording discussion partner to Matt Whitener, and oh, yeah, moving into the “real media” with Daybreak Dose.  The takes, whether on the Cardinals, Blues, coffee, movies, or anything else, come fast and furious with Mr. Buffa and he’s not afraid to get into the trenches and mix it up with folks.

Number 7: VanHicklestein
No, you tweet too much.  don’t @ my son donny c

On Twitter since: August 2011
Number of Tweets: 54.8K
Following: 811
Followers: 1,464

Number of ballots: 30
First place votes: 3
Highest rank: 1st
Total points: 519
2015 rank: 24

Mr. VHS shot up the rankings this year, moving up 17 spots.  Most likely, he could come up with a classic or timely gif for the occasion.  There’s a lot of humor when you follow VanHicklestein and a lot of great pitch gifs as well.  If you want to see it again during a game, chances are it’ll be on this feed.

Number 6: Cardinals
Official Twitter of the St. Louis Cardinals |

On Twitter since: July 2009
Number of Tweets: 44.3K
Following: 1,171
Followers: 911K

Number of ballots: 33
First place votes: 2
Highest rank: 1st
Total points: 525
2015 rank: 8

For all the grief the official account got last year, this season they seemed to take some of that to heart.  There was a much more playful vibe to the account, at least at times, and there was even some fan interaction.  You still aren’t probably going to see them in any of those epic conversations between team accounts, but at least they mixed in some gifs and some excitement this season.

Only five remain!  Come back and see who they are!

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