The Steady One…

Amidst all the chaos of the Cardinals season (winning streaks, losing streaks, starters struggling, Trevor blowing up nightly, Mike being Mike) there has been one rock, one guy who’s carried over from what he did last year and kept doing it:

Matt Carpenter.

He currently has a slash line of .296/.413/.576 with 13 homers and 47 RBI’s. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he has a .300/30/100 season. I’d have to check, but offhand I don’t we’ve had anyone do that in a while, likely none since Albert. Even he doesn’t, what he ends up with will still be very impressive.

Given that going into last season, he’d never hit more than 11, and was in his prime at age 29, his transformation into a homerun slugger is certainly surprising. I know I certainly didn’t see it coming. (Yes he whacked 55 doubles in 2013, but doubles don’t always turn into homers, and Carp was already 27 years old, meaning he was in his prime and in theory his power had developed already.)

This, however, is what Carpenter does. He adapts. In the past I’ve called him a chameleon for his ability to adapt to whatever the Cardinals needed. The Cardinals needed a little more oomph last year, so he worked on his power stroke and ended with 28 dingers.

This year, the Cards need the total package, a guy who can hit .300, hit close to 30 homers, and get on base at a .400 or better clip. why? Because the pitching is struggling, so the offense needs to lead the way, and Carp is the leader of that offense.

And you know what? He’s doing it. hs obp and slugging percentage are career highs, and they give him a .989 OPS, tops in the NL.

Not bad for a 13th round pick who didn’t have his first full season until he was 26.

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