The unsung rookie….

I know, I know, two posts in a week, what’s this world coming to? 😉

Did you know that there are other rookies in the National League other than the Cubs kiddies and Joc Pederson? It’s true! The national media’s obsession with those Cub rookies has obscured other good rookies in the National League, not to mention the fact that the Cubs are the third best team in the NL Central division.

The Cubs will get there, and they will be fueled by those kids, but as I said, there are other rookies out there flying under the radar.

One of those rookies happens to play for the Cardinals. His name is Randal Grichuk. He has a .288/.336/.572 slash line. Not bad for a rookie. He’s hit 13 homers, 20 doubles and 7 triples, giving him a good chance to be in double digits in all three. Not bad for a guy that I awhile back worried would be haunted by a tragic incident.

Of course, there are drawbacks. He strikes out a ton. 86 strikeouts in 277 plate appearances. Dunno if it’s a lack of discipline he’s always had, or if he’s hanging around Mark Reynolds too much in the locker room. If it’s the latter, I suggest they be separated as soon as possible.

What does Grichuk’s performance mean for the future? I think, provided he can trim down the strikeouts a bit, it means that we have ourselves a regular center fielder for years to come. He’s good out there, maybe not as good as Peter Bourjos defensively (not many are), but I’ve come to realize that Bourjos may be better suited for that outfield super utility role. Pinch hitter/defensive replacement/pinch runner, he can do all those things. I’ve always been a Bourjos advocate, but it’s time to accept reality, we have a better option in CF and his name is Randal Grichuk. That leaves Jon Jay as the odd man out. I think we should shop him and see what we can get for him.

Anyways, Grichuk, Kolten Wong, Jason Heyward (provided we re-sign him) and Matt Adams…that’s a nice young core to build an offense around, and one that could anchor that offense for quite a few years. Color me excited. 🙂


As always, thanks for reading.


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