UCB Prediction Week: Postseason and Awards

All right, we’ve flawlessly* picked how the divisions will shake out.  However, that’s not the way the season ends.  It ends with one team holding the trophy.  So let’s try to figure out who that might be.

*–Flawlessly might not be accurate.  Flawful, maybe so.

American League

Wild card game: Detroit vs. Chicago

ALDS: Seattle over Chicago in 4, Baltimore over Cleveland in 3

ALCS: Seattle over Baltimore in 7

National League

Wild card game: Pittsburgh vs. San Diego

NLDS: Washington over Pittsburgh in 4, St. Louis over Los Angeles in 5

NLCS: Washington over St. Louis in 6

World Series: Washington over Seattle in 5

Please note the last time I picked the Nationals to win it all, they didn’t even make the playoffs.  I don’t think we have to worry about that this time, but you should be warned just in case.

Now, let’s throw some darts and figure out awards.  These are just about impossible to do, but that’s never stopped us before.

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