Saturday Silliness

I was sitting here in my living room thinking about the Cards bullpen, and the Royals ‘pen, and it got me thinking, we’ve got two hard throwers in the back of our ‘pen with Carlos Martinez and Trevor Rosenthal, what if we traded for Wade Davis and made our own bullpen Cerberus?

Now I know the team has other priorities like the bench and a short term option in right field to help the youngsters grow into the job, and that if we’re not going to spend to re-sign Pat Neshek, it’s even less likely we’d trade for an expensive bullpen arm like Davis.

But think about it…

Carlos, then Wade, then Trevor. That’s a nice trio, capable of turning our nine inning games into six inning ones. Sure, haven’t always been a fan of Trevors’ due to his control issues, but I do think that’ll get better over time. It’d shorten games for our starters, keeping them fresh in the long run.

It’s not like KC will miss him if things go to plan on their end. Luke Hochevar, who was a failed starter like Davis, had an excellent year last year before getting injured. Hochevar, if he’s back to form when he returns, could easily slot into Davis’ spot. Hochevar is a free agent, but given that he’s returning from an injury, I bet he re-signs with KC and tries to re-establish his value in a familiar environment.

As I said, it’ll never happen, but it’d be cool if it did.


As always, thanks for reading.

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