I want my baseball back

This may sound surprising, but I’m not mad. You won’t find me on Twitter being upset about some trade. I’m not incredulous about a free agent signing. There won’t be any angst from me when the Cards fail to get rid of every player I don’t care for. Nor will there be any when they fail to sign a power bat I know they so desperately need. So if you want a rage-ridden diatribe, or to read a lot of fool’s dreams about fantasy trades, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I have just one simple message: I want my baseball back.

I miss seeing my guys, yes “my” guys, take the field almost every night (and unfortunately sometimes during the daytime) to play my favorite sport. I’m not sure which five guys are going to be on the hill to start Cards games, but whoever they are, I’ll be thrilled to see them. I’ve got no clue whether Randal Grichuk will man right, or Stephen Piscotty, or some player I haven’t watched before. He might not even be good at baseball. It doesn’t matter. They’ll be my new best friend as soon as their feet hit the grass at Wrigley.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say — it’s definitely making me more fond of baseball. Bring it back.

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