Oscar Taveras Killed In Car Accident

140 characters never seemed so powerful, so gut-wrenching.

Oscar Taveras, the prime prospect in the Cardinal organization, a player that tantalized fans with promise and provided an amazing moment in his first at bat, is gone.  A player, a young man with so much promise, so many plans in front of him is taken before he can even start that journey.

We don’t know the details, we don’t know the how or why, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll never see if Taveras could be that prospect that we always had dreamed he could be.  We’ll never know if he can be the next Albert Pujols, as John Mozeliak thought he could be.  We’ll never know if he’d eventually take his place in the parthenon of Cardinal greats, up there with Ozzie Smith or Bob Gibson.  Who knows, he could have flamed out and been a guy that moved on to another team, never fulfilling that promise.

I always felt with that smile and that joyous spirit, Taveras was going to be a huge fan favorite in St. Louis as soon as he started producing enough to let folks see that spark.  His excitement in the dugout when big things happened was infectious enough, but seeing him grin while standing on first after a big base hit was just superb.

Taveras was with his girlfriend in the car, who also passed away in the accident.  There are two families grieving tonight, two families who can’t even think of tomorrow when getting through the next minute is tough enough.  We hurt with those families as well, even if our shock and grief is at a remove.  We only knew the baseball player and, as selfish and as callous as it may seem, we only knew him for what he brought to the team.  We didn’t know him as a son, a friend, a possible son-in-law.  We didn’t know his girlfriend at all.  The pain we feel is just a small shadow of what they are going through tonight.

I’m rambling, spitting out cliches and wishing I had something profound to say in this time of mourning.  Unfortunately, so often in these times, there is nothing to say.  We grieve, we pray, we mourn.  That’s all we can do.  It’s inadequate, but it’s all we have.

Cardinal fans have been through this with Darryl Kile and Josh Hancock, but familiarity doesn’t ease the sting in any form.  This is going to hurt for a long while.

  • Colin Steitz October 26, 2014, 9:25 pm

    I remember on the day of my High School graduation sitting in an auditorium, waiting and waiting and waiting till we would go into the gym surrounded by family. All gathered as we recognized our dedication to our education. The waiting was killing me. I would’ve done anything to make the time pass quicker. The conversations that I was in had ran stale and I wasn’t going to sleep. So I checked my phone to see that score of the Cardinal game. I knew it was Tavera’s first, and I wanted to see how it was going. Thats when I noticed that Taveras was at the plate. So I tuned into the game and watched Oscar Taveras step to the plate, hitless thus far in his debut. I was hoping that something was going to happen. The pitch was a hanging breaking pitch. I could almost see the eyes light up. Then I witnessed the most beautiful swing I have ever seen. The ball soared, I knew it was gone. The rain came down and Oscar Taveras took his first curtain call. That was his first hit, and one I will always remember. I only wish that he had more time to bring that kind of joy to others over the course of a career. No matter what happened the rest of that season, I always loved to watch his swing. What I would do to see it once again. Rest in Peace Oscar Taveras.

    • Cardinal70 October 27, 2014, 7:24 am

      That’s a great story. He had such a short time in a Cardinal uniform–a short time on this earth period–but he made so many great memories for people.

  • snarkk October 27, 2014, 12:45 am

    From a diehard, long time Giants fan, my sincere condolences to the
    Taveras family and the Cardinal organization. After such a great series
    the Giants and Cards had, and Taveras playing a big role in it, this is
    just beyond tragic. I can’t even bear imagining such a tragedy
    happening to one or our Giants up and coming kids. Good wishes from
    here to the greater Cardinal family…

    • Cardinal70 October 27, 2014, 7:23 am

      Appreciate that. Things like this reverberate with all baseball fans. Even a day later, it’s still tough to comprehend.

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