Going Again Behind Enemy Lines

The folks at THE San Francisco Giants Blog were so receptive to the Q&A that Craig and I did before the series that they asked that we do a little more of that as the series went along.  So, with Game 3 just hours away from getting started, here are a few more answers from Craig.  I’ve answered some from him and they’ll likely go up over there shortly.

C70: What are your thoughts about the series so far?  Are you content with the split?

SFGB: I am totally content with the split. We just needed one to have a realistic shot at taking the series. Now, playing at home is almost a negative for this reason: If our bats are silent, which is usual, the crowd gets quiet and there’s a lot more pressure on the hitters to perform. I’ve watched it happen for going on 2 years now. I would PREFER to play all of our games on the road.

C70: The Giants have seemed to score a lot of “fluky” runs this postseason. Is there a concern that the offense could be in trouble if they dry up or is the attitude they are doing well now, just imagine if the bats start going?

SFGB: The offense stinks (as I said before the series started). I don’t think anyone expect the bats to suddenly wake up. That’s why advancing will be such a longshot. It’s going to happen with outstanding pitching and fluky runs or it’s not happening.

C70: What should we as Cardinal fans expect out of Tim Hudson and Ryan Vogelsong?

SFGB: I expect both to pitch very well. The pitching staff is locked in. Huddy’s waited his whole life for this opportunity and Voggy never turns in a bad playoff performance.

My thanks again to Craig and I look forward to doing this after Game 5, whether that’s an off-day or a series wrap!

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