’14 FLC Tournament: The Final Four

Here we are, down to the top four living Cardinals.  They’ve battled through each regional and, honestly, most of them haven’t had much of a challenge.  Before we look at the matchups, though, a grading update:

Jacqueline Conrad 97
Eugene Tierney 86
Ross Willimann 85
Matt Rath #1 82
Joe Schwarz 77
Mary Rath 65
Matt Rath #2 60

(My predictions: 79)

Jacqueline is definitely in the driver’s seat.  She’s got all of her picks still alive, unlike Eugene who was completely shut out of the final games.  Matt can steal it from her, however, since her picks are completely opposite of his.  If Matt wins out, adding 16 points would just nip Jacqueline at the wire.  So still some drama with these final three games!

Tournament Semifinal 1

1) Ozzie Smith (Arch) vs. 1) Bob Gibson (BPV)

Smith beat:
Brendan Ryan 42-0
Vince Coleman 32-1
Albert Pujols 30-9
Willie McGee 33-6

Total record: 137-16

Gibson beat:
Al Hrabosky 24-2
Joaquin Andujar 23-0
Yadier Molina 30-3
Ted Simmons 38-0

Total record: 115-5

Notes: Fitting that Gibby threw two shutouts, isn’t it?  This should be an epic battle between a couple of legends.  It’s a tough call either way, though the children of the ’80s may make their voice heard yet again.

Tournament Semifinal 2:

1) Lou Brock vs. 2) Red Schoendienst

Brock beat:
Dal Maxvill 28-1
Steve Kline 20-1
Mike Shannon 21-8
Jim Edmonds 27-12

Total record: 96-22

Schoendienst beat:
Todd Worrell 41-1
Jason Isringhausen 26-1
Matt Morris 21-0
Adam Wainwright 25-14

Total record: 113-16

Notes: Interestingly, the Redhead has only beaten pitchers on his way to the Final Four and he may get a chance to do that in the final as well, but first he has to get past the legendary outfielder.  I’m not sure Lou can outrun Red’s support, though–active 90 year olds are favorites of everyone.

Both polls are open until noon tomorrow, so get your vote in.  Monday brings us the final matchup!

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