’14 FLC Regional Semifinals: Arch Region

We’ve reached the Sweet 16.  No huge surprises thus far, with all of the ones and twos and three of the threes advancing.  Scott Rolen is the biggest “Cinderella” and he’s a six seed over in the Champions Region.

Which means that there are a lot of big names and the decisions start to get a little tougher.  You’ll see what I mean starting right off the bat.

1) Ozzie Smith vs. 5) Albert Pujols

How they got here: Smith eliminated Brendan Ryan 42-0 and Vince Coleman 32-1; Pujols wiped out Skip Schumaker 30-12 and Jose Oquendo 19-14.

Notes: Apparently the animosity toward Pujols has waned quite a bit in the past few years.  Still, he goes up against a living legend that has had one vote cast against him in the entire tournament.

2) Willie McGee vs. 3) Mark McGwire

How they got here: McGwire took out Ray Washburn 42-3 and Ray Lankford 18-14; McGee smashed Ken Dayley 45-0 and Tom Herr 28-3.

Notes: This is a similar matchup to the other semifinal.  McGwire’s got some baggage, but he was extremely popular in his day.  Yet he’s going up against someone from that era that holds a ton of meaning to today’s fans.

We’ll do the Ballpark Village semis at 10!

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