’14 FLC Tournament: Champions Region Round 2, Day 2

Round 2 Day 1 is now in the books and we’ll see those winners on Monday when the Sweet 16 gets started.  Now we look at the Champions Region and the two matchups from those results.

2) Jim Edmonds vs. 7) Rick Ankiel

How they got here: Edmonds put down Aaron Miles 20-1, Ankiel eliminated Bernard Gilkey 18-2.

Notes: If there’s anyone (outside of the obvious HOFers) that can give Jimmy Ballgame a run for his money, it might just be Mr. Ankiel.  The question is, is there anyone that can give him a run for his money?

3) Keith Hernandez vs. 6) Scott Rolen

How they got here: Hernandez took care of Bill White 15-6, Rolen bumped off George Hendrick 18-4.

Notes: It’s a matchup of a couple of guys who didn’t leave town under the best of circumstances.  Neither one has been seen all that often in St. Louis since their departure either.

One more set of pairings before the weekend comes, so come back this way around 2 for those!


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