FLC Scoring Update #1

You may remember that I encouraged folks to fill out a bracket and send it in for grading in relation to our Favorite Living Cardinal Tournament.  A number of folks did just that, and so I’m going to give occasional scoring updates and bracket discussions, probably at the end of every round.

After the opening round of 64, here are the standings:

Jacqueline Conrad 30
Eugene Tierney 29
Ross Willimann 28
Matt Rath #1 26
Joe Schwarz 26
Mary Rath 24
Matt Rath #2 24

My predictions from this post score a 28 at the moment, which isn’t bad, but there’s not been many upsets as of yet.  Looking at the brackets, nobody has lost a Final Four prediction yet, though Mary only has Adam Wainwright alive in the Diamond Region.  Jacqueline has all of her picks going forward live, as do Eugene and Ross.  We’ll see how things stand after Round 2!

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