’14 FLC Tournament: Arch Region Round 2, Part 1

Please remember that the matchups from yesterday are still going on until noon.  Here’s the Diamond Region and there are links to the other regional posts at the bottom of it, so be sure to cast your votes in that.

Today we move on to the second round, matching up the winners from the various pairings that were released Tuesday.  We’ll start with the Arch Region, with the other regions coming out every two hours.

1) Ozzie Smith vs. 8) Vince Coleman

How they got here: Smith defeated Brendan Ryan 42-0, Coleman took down Placido Polanco 35-7.

Notes: Ozzie was the only perfect winner in any of the first decisions.  Obviously this is a battle between the top of mid-’80s lineup, which likely will make for some tough calls.

4) Jose Oquendo vs. 5) Albert Pujols

How they got here: Oquendo took out Andy Van Slyke 34-8, Pujols came back to run away from Skip Schumaker 30-12.

Notes: It was an early scare for Pujols, but apparently there’s still a good bit of sentiment for what he did in St. Louis.  He’s also the only part of this section that didn’t play under Whitey Herzog.

Come back at 10 and we’ll tackle the Ballpark Village Region!

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