Peoria Chiefs Hold Auction For Tornado Victims

Most likely, you’ve all seen the devastation wrought by the tornadoes going through Illinois last week.  If not, here’s just a sample:


It’s a tough thing to deal with when a force of nature destroys your way of life.  You can give thanks that “only” six people were killed, though that’s not a consolation for the families of those six.  Even beyond the death toll, though, there are so many people that need help putting their lives back together the best they can.

This hits home for all of us in Cardinal Nation as well.  The Knuppel family of bloggers, the people behind CardinalsGM and Saint Louis Sports, live within miles of the impact zone.  While they were unscathed, close calls are still pretty unnerving.

This also is not too far from Peoria, Illinois, which is now the home of the Cardinals’ A-ball team.  The Chiefs have decided not to let this tragedy pass unanswered and have established an online auction of items, with all the proceeds going to disaster relief.

There are signed baseballs, signed T-shirts, jerseys (two of which were donated by Rodney Knuppel), bats, and more.  You can check out the selection at Peoria’s website.  Perhaps do some holiday shopping or reward yourself for whatever milestone you might have hit.  If nothing else, make Christine Coleman sweat for that Chris Carpenter bat!

Our appreciation goes out to the Chiefs for doing this and hopefully the money raised will make a real difference.  So go check it out!

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