Offseason Journal: Day 20

Day 20: Over-reacting to being not being over-charged


I almost made a jackass of myself this weekend at Mobil On The Run when I thought I’d been over-charged for a cup of coffee.  (Making a jackass of myself is nothing new, and doing so on the weekends was practically second nature when I was in my twenties.)

You see, I’d gotten used to paying a mere fifty cents for the delectable beverage over the past several months.  When the cashier asked me to swipe my card, I did so without even a second thought.  It was only after I was pulling out of the parking lot that I realized I’d been charged more than my usual fifty cents.  Normally, I’d have done a U-Turn in the middle of the interstate, and burned rubber back to the Mobil OTR and gone nuclear on that cashier, ripping her up one side and down the other (after making sure she had her hearing aid turned up).  I rarely forget a name or a face, and “Ethel” was going to find herself on the business end of serious Dathan rage.

Ok, so that last part (entire last paragraph) was pretty much made up.  Truth is, sometimes it can be the little things like a fifty cent cup of coffee that you don’t get that can remind you about the absence of active MLB games.  Seems like the reminders are everywhere!

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