Spirits Take Off When Cardinals’ Plane Grounded

We all know what today could be.  This might be the last day we have baseball of any sort but particularly Cardinal baseball.  The Cards are relying on a rookie in Michael Wacha to keep them alive and force a winner-take-all game, the kind they spent all summer trying to avoid to start the playoffs.  There’s no doubt the situation could appear grim to both players and fans.

So there were two different options yesterday when St. Louis’s team plane was significantly delayed, keeping them in the plane and on the tarmac.  There was the negative way, where you wondered what else could go wrong and take that as an omen for what is to come.  Not surprisingly, the Cardinals–and the fans–went in another direction.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw the reports that the Cardinals were getting delayed taking off and then I saw this tweet from a former UCB blogger:

Suitably inspired, I tossed off one myself and added a hashtag to it.

After a couple more, Jenifer Langosch picked up on one.

When you get Matthew Leach involved, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Of course, this cried out for people with Photoshop skills.

Soon people were going crazy with it, crazy like Ozzie Smith had just hit a postseason home run.

You know it’s getting big when the players and former players get involved.




Eventually, it got really big.

And still, the Tweets rolled out. I’d highly recommend reading the entire hashtag, but here are some of my favorites.













There was even some history involved.




Seriously, read the hashtag.  I could go on and on posting them, because it really brought out the best in Cardinal Nation.  It was good that the players were loose and relaxed during this mishap  and hopefully that will carry over into the game tonight. You think we need one more?  All right, we’ll get one more.

Let’s keep the fun going tonight, Redbirds! I’m not ready to write the season finale post just yet!

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