UCB August Project: Get To Know A UCBer

For this month’s project assignment from the United Cardinal Bloggers, we decided to take advantage of a bit of a lull in our calendar to get to know some of the members of the group a little better.  Each participating blogger was assigned another blogger to ask questions of, with the answers to be posted for the world to see.

My interview subject was Scott Turner of Turner’s Twist.  Scott is one of the newer members of the UCB and is one of the few that I’ve not met in person yet, so I was excited to get a little more knowledge about him.  Given that the questions were not standardized in any way (number, content, anything–the guy that set this up really was crazy enough to let us do whatever we wanted), I went with five regular questions and then, in honor of those olden days when Nick and Josh were on UCB Radio, a section of Rapid Fire inquiries.  Hope you enjoy as you get to know Scott!

C70: What’s your fondest memory of being a Cardinal fan?

Scott: It has got to be the run in 2011. My wife and I were able to go to Game 2 of the World Series but from the last 10 games of the regular season to Game 7 we watched. Glued to the screen every night (and some were late), we felt the excitement. I can remember Game 6 we were watching in bed and wound up jumping on it many times (bottom 9, 10, and 11).

C70: Who is your favorite Cardinal player, both currently and of all-time?

Scott: Currently it would be Yadier Molina. I know that is many peoples but the guy is just a gamer, natural leader, and has come a long way offensively. I attribute that to his focus and determination to always get better. Got to love those traits in anyone.

My favorite all-time Cardinal is Bob Gibson. He was simply amazing on the mound. I wasn’t even alive when he played but I would have really liked to been able to see his 1968 year. 1.12 ERA in 304 innings pitched is awesome.

C70: Why did you decide to start blogging?

Scott: Two guys I went to college with Corey Rudd and John Nagel have sites (stlSportsMinute.com and CardinalsFarm.com) and over time I decided that I would like to help contribute every now and then. It turned out that after my first post got me addicted once I saw how many views it received on both their sites. So I started TurnersTwist.com.

C70: Do you have a blogging routine?

Scott: In the beginning (late summer) I could blog any time. Now that school has started I have to fit it into my night. I typically would write during the game so I can get two things done at once. Problem is some of my posts have taken me longer than it should to create because I get distracted by the game and the frustration of Pete Kozma‘s inability to hit.

C70: Do you have a favorite post you’ve written?

Scott: It would have to be my first one (St. Louis Cardinals: A case to sell at the trade deadline). I wish we would have traded Jake Westbrook then. I bet many would agree now.


C70: Busch II or Busch III?

Scott: Busch III. I love the openness and views of the city and Arch. On a side note love the Arch in the grass too.

C70: 2006 or 2011?

Scott: 2011 and that’s not even close.

C70: Michael Wacha or Carlos Martinez?

Scott: This year and next Wacha. 2015 Martinez. He should be more mature then and be more of a pitcher rather than thrower.

C70: Adam Wainwright or Chris Carpenter?

Scott: Wainwright. Better earlier in his career than Carpenter. I wonder if Wainwright would be who he is today without Carpenter.

C70: Ricky Horton or Al Hrabosky as color man on TV?

Scott: Horton.

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