A Return to Normalcy

In 2011, as you well remember, the St Louis Cardinals completed an improbable run to their 11th World Series victory.  I’d been writing a blog called Stan Musial’s Stance since just before the team’s improbable run to the 2006 World Championship.  It seemed the perfect time to walk away, a blog career bookended by Victory.

A year passed.  Pujols left for my neck of the woods.  The Cardinals almost got back to the big dance in 2012, falling a game short.  Stan Musial passed away.  I was compelled to write something about the great man, and in doing so I found I missed the writing.  I was still keeping tabs on the club, and talking about it occasionally with the small network of Cardinals fans out here, but it wasn’t the same.  When Dan offered a slot here in the Conclave, I eagerly said yes.

So here we are again.  The old site’s still up, if you have to kill in an airport or can’t sleep, and want a feel for what I discuss.  I believe in SABR-metrics like many of my fellow writers here, and include some stats in my writing.  I do not consider myself an expert on the statistical  revolution by any means.  You’ll get a lot of prose about the games played, and maybe some things I find interesting or unusual about the game (or the team) that I want to share.

It’s nice to be back.  I look forward to reviving the conversation.  I’ll strive to compose things you’ll enjoy reading.  Now all I need is a logo…

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