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As have the others, I want to introduce myself before you start reading my shenanigans. My name is John Nagel and I have a problem. I am addicted to Cardinals baseball. I have had this problem since July 27, 1982, or my inception. When I was, oh, about 2 months old, my mom went to the ’82 World Series without me; I have yet to forgive her since. My childhood was spent in the St. Louis suburb of O’Fallon, MO. When it was time to depart for college, it took a year, but I was gone. I found myself in Springfield, Missouri attending Missouri State. After about 4 years and some change I graduated and was on the move again.

My wife and I found oursevles in a suburb of Atlanta, GA for a couple of reasons. I was quickly able to get a job out of college and her parents lived about 2 hours away. The move was hard for us as we moved away from all of our family, friends, and the Cardinals. We started to make great friends, family started moving down, and thank God for the Extra Innings package from DirecTV.

My wife and I are both currently middle school teachers and are working on our third degrees, an Education Specialist. We have two children, Olivia, 4 and Cameron, 18 months. Now to the blogging.

I may be the rookie out of this bunch as I have been blogging consistently for about 5 months. I have always had a keen interest on the minor leagues, so last year I started a Twitter account dedicated to the Cardinals farm teams. The account grew and I knew I wanted to start writing. My buddy Corey Rudd, whom I knew from high school and college, had a great website going. He runs and I asked him if I could write for him some last year. Things started to move quickly and before I knew it I had an interview with top prospect Carson Kelly.

This year, I knew I wanted to do things on my own and started Unlike the others, my site will still be active even after I join the Conclave. I will be bringing my daily farm report to the Conclave every evening (or early morning, depending on how tired I was). I may also bring other prospect related info as well.

I can’t wait to get started blessing the prospects.

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