Top Cards on Twitter 2020

Top 10.  Rarified air.  Not only that, we’ve got ourselves a poll jumper as well, what might be one of the biggest leaps into the Top 10 in a while.  So let’s find out who it is! Number 10: birdsontheblack St. Louis Cardinals & MiLB affiliates blog. We do this because we love it. It [...]


Top Cards On Twitter 2020: 1-5

We’ve made it to the end of our Twitter list.  While we’ll shuffle the numbers a little this afternoon, we need to get the Fab Five* of Cardinals Twitter listed out. *–It’s really seven, because…’ll see. Number 5: buffa82 @ksdknews baseball columnist and film critic. Love coffee and cigars, but hates bugs. Part time radio/podcaster. [...]


Earlier today we finished up our march through the best Cardinals Twitter accounts, crowning beat writer Derrick Goold as the best for 2020 (which, when you think about it, might be a backhanded complement).  Now let’s look at things from a few different angles. As you probably saw, people were named on a varying amount [...]


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