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The Cardinals are busy enough trying to build their team at the winter meetings; they’ve already traded Jon Jay for Jedd Gyroko, claimed Jayson Aquino on waivers, and talked to Johnny Cueto, Wei-Yin Chen, and Jason Heyward about signing. They also had to deal with a pillaging in the Rule V draft. The Cardinals started [...]

With the Cardinals picking up Jedd Gyorko this morning (a move I really liked, but I’ll get into that later), it got my mind running through reason to make the trade. Sure Gyorko would make a great utility player and be able to give Kolten Wong, Matt Carpenter, and Jhonny Peralta the occasional day off, [...]

Every year the UCB runs their Cardinal Blogger Awards, where the UCB members and their readers can vote on various Cardinal related topics, from players and games to blogs and podcasts. This is my ballot; winners are bolded. 1. Cardinal Player of the Year Nominees: –Matt Carpenter –Jason Heyward –Jhonny Peralta –Stephen Piscotty For me, [...]

The Cardinal offensive problems this year have been well documented; they didn’t score many runs and struggled in almost all facets of hitting. I have placed much of the blame on hitting coach John Mabry; he’s the guy that is supposed to work with the hitters and get them on track (there is also blame [...]

What a disappointing way to end the season? Not only did the Cubs outplay the Cardinals, we saw many of the flaws of this team on the national stage. First off, the offense, while trying hard to stay in the game, did not live up to pre-season expectations. Matt Carpenter has appeared to change his [...]

The Cardinals had the best record in baseball, but it seems like the game has something against them. I like the Wild Card as part of the game; it’s made the pennant races a little more exciting. It also allows more teams a chance at the post-season while keeping baseball from letting everyone in (like [...]

Prior to the weekend series with the Braves, we all know the offense has issues; that was reinforced with the first 3-game sweep of the Birds since last July and the first time they’ve been shut out in a 3-game series since the mid-70s. So, how do we stack up against everyone else? I’ve taken [...]

The Cardinals have used 46 players this season; I wanted to breakdown different parts of the roster, like where we got them and the value of them (using WAR from Fangraphs). Roster Construction Of the 46 players the Cardinals used, they broke down as follows: These numbers came from each player that played the position; [...]

Hello everybody, and welcome to my first post for the Conclave. I written about baseball in general for the last 11 years at various websites, and specifically about the Cardinals for the Examiner for the last year and a half. I’ve followed the Cardinals since 1985. I like to use a lot of numbers in [...]

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