Wes Keene

Our long national nightmare is finally over. Baseball is back, and not just in the form of pictures from reporters depicting players “in the best shape of their lives”. Writing full game recaps for Spring Training would be a particularly gruesome affair, so I’ll avoid that. Instead, here are some bullet points that reflect mental notes [...]

Like many others, I’m deeply affected by the offseason. I go through all the same phases of depression waiting on more baseball that everyone else does. I sometimes feel insecure, wondering if I’m the only one who has a noticeable big chunk missing out of his life just because there’s no game on. I suspect [...]

I want my baseball back

This may sound surprising, but I’m not mad. You won’t find me on Twitter being upset about some trade. I’m not incredulous about a free agent signing. There won’t be any angst from me when the Cards fail to get rid of every player I don’t care for. Nor will there be any when they [...]

The stars of our night sky do not gently fade out when their time is up. They go out with a spectacular light that illuminates the galaxy. Out of their destruction, countless amounts of energy are released distributing necessary life-building elements to reaches of space far from their point of origin. Sunday, one bright young Cardinal [...]

The St. Louis Cardinals’ season ended weeks after most teams’ seasons did. It did end, though, and any conclusion short of a championship is usually declared a loss by fans. This year was no exception. Fans struggling to come to grips with the lack of baseball programming on their television were treated this week to [...]

Cardinals fans love their team. They’ll do anything to trumpet their accomplishments and downplays their shortcomings. That’s called being a good fan. The best fans? Well, I’ll leave that to someone else to dissect. Being a “fan” isn’t the insulting barb most of the BFIB writers intend for it to be, so I’ll lump myself [...]

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know the front-runners in this year’s NLDS. The Nationals and the Dodgers were the obvious picks. The exorbitant payroll of the Dodgers would make a congressman blush. The Nationals were runaway winners in their division. What else is there to know? We were to see these two [...]

Last week I wrote a letter, really a cry for help, to the St. Louis Cardinals begging them to improve their play. Clearly, the joke wasn’t understood by all who read it. What matter is that the team saw it, and of course, they do exactly what blogs tell them to do. A quick aside: [...]

In this frustrating season, I feel like the negativity has reached an all-time high. So I’m taking a page out of a few other bloggers’ books and trying to lighten the mood. I’m not going to waste a bunch of time try to spin stats in a way that make losing both series out East [...]

Daniel Descalso has been busy doing what he does best: Frustrating lots of St. Louis Cardinals fans. This time around, he’s back to his old tricks, namely getting clutch hits late in important games that ultimately set the team up to win games. What a jerk. I’ve been a fairly vocal critic of his, but [...]

I’m a life long Cards fan. Before we get started, let’s get that out of the way. The St. Louis Cardinals are who I grew up watching, and good fans don’t stop caring or watching just because the team hits some rough spots. With that disclaimer in place, this team is really frustrating to watch this [...]

Understanding John Mozeliak

The title is a little misleading. I’m not writing a book about how to understand another human. Heck, I barely understand me. I do think we learn about a man through his work, and Mr. Mozeliak is no exception. Since we just witnessed the epic trade deadline madness, we can add a little more knowledge [...]

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