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Lance Lynn pulled a Lance Lynn, but hey, Axford threw a perfect one-two-three inning, so I guess that’s positive, right? Tyler Lyons moved back up to Memphis, which will most likely make it easier to call him up to St. Louis. But the biggest part of this weekend is that now is crunch time for [...]

A tough loss for the big club, but not too many roster moves to note today. Martinez was officially shipped to Springfield, but he won’t pitch for the Cardinals. Should be headed to Memphis and/or STL soon. Memphis Redbirds (AAA): Won 4-0 over Oklahoma City Adron Chambers got thing going for the Redbirds tonight, with [...]

So. Many. Roster. Moves. Michael Blazek back down to Memphis and Michael Wacha sent “officially” to Springfield. No word on whether Wacha will actually pitch for the SPR Cardinals. Wacha and Blazek are expected to be back Tuesday. Congrats to Lee Stoppleman and Jose Almarante on their call-ups to Memphis from Springfield. Vance Albitz has [...]

Another Memphis shuffle (sounds like an awesome dance, doesn’t it?) today as Carlos Martinez headed back down and Michael Blazek headed back to St. Louis. My sources (twitter) tells me that Memphis is in need of starters so Lyons and Martinez are needed down there. Also Brandon Phillips sucks. But we already knew that. Memphis [...]

All aboard the Memphis shuttle! Tyler Lyons is back down after a pretty good start yesterday and Fernando Salas has been recalled after some nice outings lately. Whether Lyons actually pitches in Memphis (or even goes there before his next STL start) is another story, but our guys are on it like Allen Craig on [...]

Congratulations to Little Pedro (Carlos Martinez) on his first Major League win! And Another fine start for Tyler Lyons (sans the Descalso error), so the baby birds helping out the big club in a crucial victory to claim first place, if only for the night. Here’s what happened in the minors tonight: Memphis Redbirds (AAA): [...]

Sundays are great. The Cardinals wear their snazzy alternate Sunday caps and most of the games are played during the day so you can get your info before it gets too late in the day. Whoo hoo (kinda)! Memphis Redbirds (AAA): Won 11-5 over Iowa So Chad Huffman has been a stud lately, and added [...]

Ain’t no party like a Cardinals party cause a Cardinals party don’t stop (against the Braves)! Another fun win and your Cardinals are now tied for first place in the NL Central. So let’s keep the party going to the minors, shall we? Memphis Redbirds (AAA): Lost 8-5 to Iowa The game was close until [...]

Waino goes the distance and so do we here at the Prospect Preacher. Let’s have a look at tonight’s games shall we? Memphis Redbirds (AAA): Lost 2-0 to Iowa No sweep in store against the Cubs. The Redbirds were held to just four hits. Greg Garcia hit a triple and Audry Perez added a double. [...]

Hope you all enjoyed the game tonight. If you didn’t, I really hope you enjoyed Sharknado. It’s probably going to win “Best Picture” in the next Oscars. You heard it here first. More to the point, here are some stories on your baby birds have surfaced lately, and if you haven’t seen them yet, check ‘em [...]

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike (Matheny)….WHAT DAY IS IT????? HUMP DAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY Did our baby birds get over the hump (bad joke, but just go with it)? Let’s have a look, shall we? Memphis Redbirds (AAA): Won 7-1 over Iowa The Redbirds found their bats in this game, knocking 12 hits and seven runs. Vance Albitz [...]

It didn’t take long for Kotlen Wong to dust off the Major League jitters, huh? One night after getting a couple infield hits and steals, he got three hits, and though he made the last out of the game, he nearly killed the pitcher. This kid is gonna be alright. Here’s what happened for those [...]

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