Top Cards on Twitter: The Runners-Up (Part I)

For the month of October, I ran a little project.  (If you follow me on Twitter, you saw much more about it than you probably ever wanted to see.)  I wanted to get a gauge of who were the best Twitter accounts that had a Cardinals-centric focus.  If you had to recommend folks to follow on Twitter, who would they be?

Now, obviously best is subjective.  Some looked at the information provided.  Some rated based on the entertainment value.  Some wanted to highlight perhaps lesser-known folks.  Everyone, as expected, came at it with a slightly different list of criteria and it made for some fascinating selections.  Many more selections, in fact, than I had really thought I’d see.

Overall, 26 ballots were counted (any specious ballots were tossed, but there was only one of those, I think, that listed just two names, one of which I couldn’t find) and roughly 148 different Twitter handles were nominated.  Many of these accounts I didn’t know of at all, but a good portion were familiar to me and many of them I followed. (Part of the problem with letting folks type in handles was the fact that not everyone pays attention to the actual handle. Any account I couldn’t find I had to toss that specific vote while leaving the rest of the ballot.)

As I explained in the initial post, it’s the typical 25 points for first, 24 points for second and so on methodology.  To give everyone an idea of where they ranked, we’ll break these posts up into various segments.  We’ll do 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, and 20-25 in the coming days.  Today, though, we’ll give a quick overview of those that didn’t make the top 25.  I’ve broken them down by points and I’ll give a few comments afterwards.  There’s enough of these that I think we’ll need to break this into separate posts as well.  Let’s look at those that got 20 points or less in this post and the rest of the runners-up in another one.

Less Than 10 Points

I’m surprised that a number of these folks didn’t rank higher in the survey.  If nothing else, Chris Hrabe should have some KMOX name recognition going on there. I think our friend Bill might have done better had this been done a year or so ago, but he’s not been Tweeting nearly as much this season.  Obviously I didn’t get this form in front of STLCardinals01 very well, because I know from the past if he puts it on his Facebook page or site, the responses come out. Please note that the first account is a parody account of Joe Strauss. I’ll leave you in suspense on whether the real thing makes the list or not.

10-15 Points

All of these folks, like the ones in the group before, were mentioned on a single ballot. Which surprises me, given the names that are listed here. Obviously, you know that I hold Christine Coleman in high esteem, though she’s eased away from Twitter.  I’d have thought Tim McKernan would have had a bigger following.  I wonder if Ben Fredrickson, being new to the Post-Dispatch, would grow if we did this in a year or two.  Also, glad someone hat-tipped our UCB account, even if it’s just a feed for the various posts you’ll find around the group.

16-20 Points

The fact that Matt Whitener and Jon Doble are down this low is just a crime.  There are a lot of good ones on here, but those just stood out to me.  We see the players start to make an appearance with Kyle McClellan, Yadier Molina, Matt Carpenter, and Ricky Horton.  The Conclave’s automated feed (and occasional other Tweet) gets a mention, which is always gratifying.

That’s 67 of our 148, so not quite half of those that got a mention.  Next time, we’ll start seeing some accounts that popped up on more than one ballot plus the first accounts that can lay claim to a first place vote.  Be sure to check back!

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