Top Cards on Twitter: The Runners-Up (Part II)

All right, earlier we took a look at those that came in basically the bottom half of the survey, piling up 20 or fewer points.  Now we start moving into a little bit more rarefied air, with many of these folks being listed on at least two ballots and some getting first place votes.  To reflect that, we’ll add a couple of columns to the table.

21-25 Points

Handle Points Ballots Firsts
AnaheimAlbert 21 1 0
ArtLippo 21 1 0
DannyMacTV 21 1 0
SEMOStava12 21 1 0
chambersb7 22 1 0
DrunkFredbird 22 1 0
jrocke217 22 1 0
StephLuvsSports 22 1 0
BirdsontheBat82 23 2 0
BlogOfTheirOwn 23 1 0
fungoes 23 2 0
StullySTL 24 2 0
FSRedbirdRants 25 1 1
rallysquirrel15 25 1 1
Cardsnationjnky 25 2 0
JoeStrauss 25 2 0

Yes, everyone’s “favorite” curmudgeon makes the list, though it’s probably telling that one of the major columnists in the St. Louis area placed so low in these rankings.  There’s no doubt there’s news on his Twitter feed, but you have to ask yourself if the snark (for lack of a better word) is worth it.  A few of the UCB make it into this section as well.  Gotta say, I miss Pip at Fungoes.  I know he’s been busy with the real life stuff, but not having the blog or the Twitter account is just no fun for the rest of us.

26-30 Points

Handle Points Ballots Firsts
DizzyDean_17 26 2 0
SportsHuman 26 2 0
TheCatOnFox 26 2 0
UncleCharlie50 26 2 0
Dathan7 29 2 0
B_Ramsey7 30 2 0
grobot05 30 2 0
RobRains 30 2 0

I have a feeling that, if he saw this, Jim Hayes might give a little grief to Joe Strauss about being ranked higher than the writer.  You watch their occasional back-and-forths and it’s tough to determine if they are joking with each other or actually insulting in a passive-aggressive way.  It’s interesting, either way.  Adam Wainwright gets ranked higher than a lot of the players (most of them were in Part I), perhaps because he used Twitter as a platform to say what we were all saying, that there are way to many of those ED ads on TV.  Hat tip to Dathan, who I wish had more time to be on the social media, and Rob Rains, another of the local baseball writers.

31-40 Points

Handle Points Ballots Firsts
cgigley 31 2 0
lau56 34 2 0
Tsunamy27 36 3 0
HighSock_Sunday 38 2 0
jschneider9514 39 2 0
MScottMatheny 39 2 0
nathanshank25 39 2 0
2xAught7 40 3 0
B_Walton 40 3 0
FWBluesFan 40 2 0
JOHNF125 40 2 0

I’m not sure about that JOHNF.  From all the searches I can find, that’s the right account, but it shows no Tweets right now.  Could be it was just cleared out recently.  [Edit: As noted by a couple of folks, that should be johnjf125.  That makes more sense!]  Cole got some 15 minutes when his HighSock_Sunday account got Donald Trump to answer a football question.  I’m really surprised Sean (2xAught7) isn’t higher, though he does a good bit of Tweeting about St. Louis topics in general, not just the Cardinals, so maybe that’s what brought him to this level.  However, he should be followed if for no other reason than his wonderful collection of John Mozeliak avatars.  Carlos Martinez (#usssss) beats out the ace in the standings and be sure to check out Brian Walton at The Cardinal Nation Blog.

40-50 Points

Handle Points Ballots Firsts
Team_STL 41 3 0
STLCards1 43 2 0
elmaquino 44 3 1
STLMattinals 45 3 0
cigarmike 46 3 0
lil_scooter93 47 3 0
boxcarfritz 48 3 0
PitchersHit8th 48 3 0

A lot of familiar names (for me) here as I think this may be the first group where I follow almost everyone on the list.  El Maquino I’d have thought had been higher, because it seems like folks have a love-or-hate relationship with him.  Had the chance to meet cigarmike this summer at an Arkansas Travelers’ game, but even though Dan Buffa and I met him in the smoking section, I don’t believe he had a cigar going.  Scooter brings a freshness and fun sensibility to most everything she does, including her link posts over at Viva El Birdos.  If you can think of Fritz without thinking of his wonderful Cardinal LEGO creations, you are a better Twitterer than me.  And, of course, a salute to Nick with the wish he was around more (especially with the writing of posts!)

51-62 Points

Handle Points Ballots Firsts
retrosimba 52 4 0
CardinalHistory 53 3 0
johnrabe 53 3 0
ryan_stl1 54 4 0
SMcNeil_87 55 3 1
daniel_doelling 55 4 0
FSMidwest 56 3 0
roseyisking 59 4 0
williamfleitch 60 3 1
PBCBeat 62 3 0

Our final group before the Top 25.  Good to see our friends at FOX Sports Midwest getting a little attention.  I’m often looking to their feed for the lineups on a given day.  Will Leitch is probably one of the most prominent Cardinal fans on the Internet, though his feed is much more diverse than just Redbird talk.  (Love his countdowns and his talks to the Cardinals, though.)  Always a good list when Mark at RetroSimba makes it!

That’ll do it for those that came short of the Top 25.  There are a ton of good accounts here and in Part I and I suggest checking them out, seeing if they might be worth a follow.  While follower count shouldn’t be a measure of quality, it’s always a positive thing to see someone else thinks your thoughts are pretty good!

  • Lil Indie December 2, 2015, 5:33 pm

    I think Johnf125 should be Johnjf125.

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