’14 FLC Tournament: Champions Region Round 2, Part 1

The curtain has come down on yesterday’s matchups, but we are well underway today with the second round.  Now we’ll take a look at the Champions Region.

1) Lou Brock vs. 8) Steve Kline

How they got here: Brock ran away from Dal Maxvill 28-1, Kline had the closest decision of the day when he took out Fernando Vina 16-14.

Notes: Two completely opposite personalities take the stage here.  Brock has been termed gracious and classy.  Kliner not quite as much, given his famous hand signal to his manager.

5) Mike Shannon vs. 4) Steve Carlton

How they got here: Shannon manhandled J.D. Drew 20-10, Carlton had the same score against Jeff Suppan.

Notes: Both had little trouble with their first round opponent, which surprised me a little with Carlton.  Now we match up a guy famous for not talking to the media versus a guy who talks uniquely in the media.

After Playing Pepper at 1, come back and see the last matchup of the day at 2 PM!


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