’14 FLC Tournament: BPV Region Round 2, Part 1

Still plenty of time to get your last licks in on yesterday’s matchups. Remember those close at noon today, while today’s battles close at noon tomorrow.

Now we look at the survivors of Tuesday’s battles in the Ballpark Village Region.  You’ll remember that this is the section that focuses on just pitchers and catchers as its quirk.

3) Joe Torre vs. 6) Tim McCarver

How they got here: Torre eliminated Danny Cox 28-3, McCarver edged out Tom Pagnozzi 17-12.

Notes: McCarver might have been the higher seed, but it was a bit of an upset to see him take out anyone.  It’s an interesting matchup of catchers that have become fairly prominent on the national baseball scene.

2) Ted Simmons vs. 7) Mike Matheny

How they got here: Simmons pasted Mark Mulder 27-3, Matheny took out Jaime Garcia by the same score.

Notes: It’s an all-catcher portion of the bracket.  Simmons has a lot of great moments in the past, but Matheny has the advantage of being currently in the limelight and popular at that.

At noon, yesterday’s polls close but the Champions Region’s next battles get underway!


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