Dustin McClure

I was doing my morning routine of cruising the net and reading bits and tids of baseball articles from here and there and happened to see  Bryan Burwell’s column regarding the ‘rivalry’ between the Cubs and Cards this morning. The basis of it discusses the foundation of the rivalry itself and how it’s fueled by [...]

A Quick Hitter

Just a brief post today given the fact there’s already some good stuff up and I’m on a little bit of a crunch. I couldn’t help but put myself in the shoes of Reds fans on Sunday night and wonder what in the world Dusty Baker was thinking throughout that game. I’m talking about his [...]

I feel good about having the Tuesday slot to talk about some of the happenings from this past week for the Cardinals with all the high octane stuff. Two things in particular really jumped off the page for not only myself but I assume for most everyone. Those two things being the Molina Meltdown and [...]

I was trying to quickly come up with a catchy title to this post that didn’t come off too cheese ball but was still a little catchier than just Intro Post. I just happen to be listening to Jay-Z and there was my inspiration. Or I poached a lyric, whatever. Anyway, my name is Dustin [...]

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