Time to Discuss the Gorman in the Room

Back when the Rockies were rumored to be moving a certain all-everything third baseman, most trade scenarios for St. Louis revolved around the guy with the same first name as the centerpiece. Fast forward to 2022, however, and it seems like a matter of days or weeks before both Nolans are sharing the same clubhouse and infield.

Nolan Gorman could not be doing more with Memphis to put his name in the conversation for an early promotion. He is hitting everything hard, handling second base like a seasoned pro and very well could be on his way to the Cardinals before turning 22 on May 10. But if the last week is any indication, the Birds on the Bat will be forced to find room for him before the Triple A pitching staffs throw Gorman a going away party.

Including tonight’s line shot, the left handed slugger has now homered in five consecutive games. If Gorman was already on the 40-man roster, his spot in the visiting clubhouse in Miami would already be reserved. Even with the expanded rosters, the clock is ticking now more than ever to get another weapon introduced. It will be harder next month to decide how to balance the active roster, but Gorman can help St. Louis in many ways.

He mainly can soak up the initial taste of Major League life while providing another lefty bat at multiple positions. The addition of a power infield bat from the left side has been lacking, especially one that can give the starters a breather or a game at Designated Hitter. Gorman can also learn from any number of Cardinal Hall of Famers on how to prepare for the dog days and his eventual spot in the everyday lineup.

It is time to promote the next homegrown offensive weapon and let the speed of the game (and the strikeouts) happen while St. Louis can control the narrative and before any injuries force the action.

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