Cardinals Making Moves

Rarely in over a decade of following mostly the minor leagues can I remember ever being shocked by any baseball news. That quickly changed this afternoon as just possibly all that talk from the St. Louis front office about movement was more than smoke.

The Cardinals are preparing to pull off a potentially massive heist or is it just the beginning? Truth be told all the rumors about Nolan Arenado being a target for the Birds on the Bat never moved the needle with me until now.

No one knows the return just yet, but former first round pick Matthew Liberatore will become the highest rated prospect the Cards have acquired since maybe before things like that were tracked. Tampa Bay surely has their reasons but this move combined with the Tommy Pham deal certainly raises more questions than answers.

Liberatore should slot in right behind Dylan Carlson and hopefully isn’t dealt for his high school buddy Nolan Gorman. I can’t see any deal where the Rays were aggressively trying to talk Mo into this so the return might hurt a bit more than just a RH outfielder from the 40-man.

Whether or not this deal becomes part of a bigger puzzle, it is a fascinating jump on 2020 with Spring Training right around the corner!

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