Gotta Score To Win

Good Morning.

Well we’re staring into the abyss now, aren’t we?  Game 4 starts in about an hour.  I have great faith in Mr. Hudson and fully expect to play a winner-take-all Game 5 on Wednesday.  To get there, however, they have got to find some offense. To Wit:  A solitary run on 10 hits and 2 walks isn’t going to get it done.  Yes, Adam Wainwright deserved better after firing 120 pitches in 6 2/3 scoreless.  Yes, Carlos Martinez is a major question mark right now.  Yes, Harrison Bader getting caught stealing third in the eighth – and likely costing the team a run – hurt.

but all of that doesn’t matter if the team can’t score.  Since exploding for 4 runs in the top of the 9th of Game 1, they’ve managed the paltry offensive numbers above over the last 18 innings. They’re gonna be setting tee times starting tomorrow if they can’t generate some offense today.  We’re keeping the faith in this corner of the Diaspora.  Two runs would be nice.  Five runs would be better.



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