Breaking down Rounds 11-20

If a sign was needed of how stacked the Cardinals are with infielders, just remember the first half of the 2019 Draft. A few high school players were snagged after zero on day two but exactly no infielders were taken by St. Louis. It was more of the same for the Birds on the Bat, as six pitchers were selected including a pair of high school arms. Tyler Statler and Thomas Hart were picked in the 14th and 16th rounds, with the expectation that both will be signable.

The Cards also selected an outfielder from powerhouse IMG Academy in the 12th round, so the strategy from day two could pay off in a nice way. Patrick Romeri profiles as a possible two-way player which isn’t something most NL clubs have previously thought much about. If the new rule changes are approved, however, it makes sense to look at athletes that can contribute in multiple ways.

As with any draft, signability concerns have to be considered as well although St. Louis tends to use resources well in pursuit of any high school players. There were no big surprises in the first part of Day 3 so that’s yet to come!

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