What an Encore for Reyes

Hard to ask for anything better out of the Memphis game, which will leave people talking all summer. In another of those where were you type of outings, Alex Reyes displayed everything that makes him a difference maker in the NL Central race.

Reyes did much more than get his work in for the Redbirds, thrashing the top PCL team in the process. Oklahoma City offered the perfect chance to showcase a ready Reyes, who was nearly perfect thru seven innings. He allowed one walk and only one hit against a lineup that featured a trio of .300 hitters at the top.

Out of 90 pitches, 62 went for strikes including 13 strikeouts. So if the question was how to proceed next week, Reyes just put the St. Louis rotation and Brewers on notice that he will be showing up to the Miller Park ready to toe the rubber – no questions asked.

As for the rest of the roster equation, it can’t be a bad thing to have too many good (and healthy) arms. It would be nearly impossible to trade for the type of arsenal Reyes brings every 5th day, so the creative answer will be fun to watch unfold.

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