Cardinals Can’t Wait for September

Today’s offering has been percolating for quite awhile now, as it is time to come clean on a few matters. The lack of moves at the trade deadline caused things to take a sinister tone via social media. It was time to unplug from Twitter as well as breaking my sleep schedule in hopes of catching the turnaround. A seemingly lost series in Cincy made all the difference and now everyone hopes the tank can be refilled.

No one who follows the Birds on the Bat can argue that not losing for over a week is anything but a blessing. With the 2017 Cardinals, however, it could very well count as a miracle.

Yes, not losing has to be more fun but are we just getting our hopes up for an eventual September stumble to remember? Initially, the calendar seemed to smile on St. Louis after the grueling August schedule although that could merely be a mirage on the horizon. Any West Coast swing proves daunting, especially when you are facing a pair of teams with nothing to lose.

The Cardinals will need a San Francisco treat in order to take that series before jetting down the coast to Petco Park for a Labor Day matinee that I had previously marked as a do-or-die spot around the trade deadline. San Diego offers much more than just nice weather, but that four game stretch offers the final chance to make up any ground outside the National League Central.

Twenty-three straight divisional games fill out the remainder of the schedule, with four teams fighting for the postseason and the Reds playing the spoiler role. Any timeline allowing for wiggle room between now and September has been outdated with the standings proving just how crucial even a two-game swing can make a difference this week.

The pit-stop in Boston is fun for the fans and even more vital given how well the Red Sox have been playing. One nice break for St. Louis will be no Chris Sale and also no chance of playing short-handed. The front office has enough weapons stashed away in Memphis to field another team, so that 10-day disabled list surely will come into play if Jedd or anyone else needs a breather before the calendar flips.

Most of the attention has been on the two NL Central front runners this summer and for good reason. Chicago and Milwaukee are going to be solid competition for years to come with their youthful rosters and smart GM’s calling the shots. That’s why everyone has all but written off the Pirates, and they are the team that everyone should not discount. Including the all-important four game set this weekend, Pittsburgh only sees the Dodgers next week outside of the division for the next month.

Playing 27 of your next 31 games against divisional opponents can turn the race upside down in a hurry, something the Pirates are no stranger to in recent memory. They would love nothing more than to catch the Brewers and then the Cardinals by Sunday and build up plenty of momentum before hosting LA. With the standings as close as ever, the only team St. Louis fans can actually root for are the Reds who can become everyone’s best friend very soon.

With the playoffs right around the corner for Memphis and Springfield, time will tell how the final chapter gets written for the Birds on the Bat. Oh, there are so many literary works that could be used so choose your favorite and keep both hands and feet inside the ride at all times – this roller coaster is just beginning!


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