What Is Productivity?

Nice to see the Cards win last night. (In fact, I was waiting for them to win before making a post. I don’t like grumpy posting.)

Last night, Yadier Molina has a sacrifice fly and a homer. The homer extending his hitting streak to 13 games, tied for the longest on the team this season, tying him with Kolten Wong.

His current slash line is .259/.301/.395. which isn’t very impressive.

To extend his streak, he went 1/4, which is only .250. The one, of course, was the aforementioned homer.

So what is productivity?

Is it hitting for a high average, but having days where you go 0 for 4 and contribute nothing, not even a sacrifice fly? Or is it getting a hit daily, even when it doesn’t raise your batting average?

I would argue the latter. You want your players to contribute as consistently as possible.

Some people probably expected Yadi to hit .300 like he did last year, but given that he hadn’t done that in a couple of years, that may not have been realistic. If he’s contributing daily like he is now. (he had a sacrifice fly as well yesterday, which contributed as much as the homer, as the homer was a solo shot) I’ll happily take that. Plus there’s always his excellent contributions on defense and being a pitching coach on the field.

Quick Thoughts:

Matt Adams trade: Was that trade due to the fact we have a first base surplus, or to save Mike Matheny from himself? We all remember Adams playing in the outfield, and while some might argue that him doing that may add trade value, I remember the initial reactions on twitter. Many people seemed repulsed by the idea and wondered what Matheny would do next, Yadi playing center field? Matheny has a reputation in Cardinals Nation of playing “his guys” who I think Adams had become. He didn’t seem to have a spot for him, so he made one. I’m glad Mo removed him from the equation and got a promising prospect in return. We need as many of those as we can get.

Mike Leake Pitched a gem last night, going 8 innings and allowing one run, and is currently the league leader in ERA. I hope he keeps it up for the entire season. Starting to actually seem possible.


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