Thoughts From Last Nights Game (9/9/16)

I got into town last yesterday expecting to go the game today (9/10/16). Instead, I ended up going last night, and it was a fun experience. Here’s a few thoughts.

1) Kolten Wong shows off.

Whenever Matheny thinks of sitting Wong, he should think about Kolten’s defense, which he flashed last night in a sweet double play. For those of you who haven’t seen it, he caught a grounder with his glove, then flipped it (while running) from his glove to a waiting Jedd Gyorko, when then tagged 2nd base and fired the ball to first to complete the double play. Wong’s range and athleticism could net him a Gold Glove someday. The Cards have a nice variety of infield options at this point, it’s true, but I think Wong is our best defender at second base, and other than Carlos Martinez, our pitchers need all the defensive help they can get. Sure, offense is nice, but with all the other contributors we’ve got all the offense we need. Plus while while Wong is hitting .249, he has a .343 OBP, so he gets on, one way or another.

2) Speaking of Carlos…

He pitched a solid game, allowing 3 runs early before settling down and not allowing any more runs. He allowed more hits than usual, giving up 9, but he offset that with 3 double plays. Carlos leads the league with 32 double plays induced and is just 2 short of John Denny’s club record of 34, set in 1978. His biggest impact might have been with the bat though, thanks to a seeing eye single in the 3rd. I wonder if Adam Wainwright is giving him some lessons in the batting cage. If so, he couldn’t ask for a better instructor.

3) Thunder and Lightning.

There was lightning all over the sky last night, a foreboding of the storms that came later. As for the thunder, that was delivered in the third inning. After Martinez’ single (which was with 2 outs) Matt Carpenter delivered a 2 shot to pull the Cards within one. Two batters later, Stephen Piscotty delivered some thunder of his own, and the Cards had a 4-3 lead that they never relinquished. I’ve heard all about the Cardinals power, and it was fun to witness it in person. With power like that, we’ll never be out of any game unless our pitchers really stink up the joint.

All in all, it was a fun game and I had a great time.

Quick Hits:

1) Not really into the Ortiz farewell tour thing, but this is a funny parting gift.

2) “I love your offer, but this other team will let me grow a beard…” Seriously???

3) Quite possibly the most underrated player in baseball.


As always, thanks for reading

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