Aledmys Diaz: Pure All-Star or Replacement?

First off, congratulations to Matt Carpenter who made the All-Star team and will be in San Diego despite being unable to play. I also want to congratulate Aledmys Diaz for making the All-Star roster as his replacement.

I can’t help but wondering though whether Diaz deserved to be on the roster from the beginning and not as somebody’s replacement.

Corey Seager, for example, made it on his own. Let’s compare him and Diaz.

Seager has a .297 average with a .357 OBP and a .521 slugging percentage, which is partly due to his 17 homers. Overall, his OPS is .879. As for WAR, he has earned 1.8 this season.

Those are pretty good numbers, and he definitely deserved consideration based on them.

Now lets take a look at Aledmys’s stats.

Diaz has a .315 average with a .380 OBP and a .536 slugging percentage, partly due to his 13 homers. Overall his OPS is .915. As for WAR, Diaz has earned 3.0 this season.

In the end, Diaz leads in everything but homers, and has clearly been the better player this year. Plus players can be named to the all-star game and not play, so it’s not like the Dodgers needed a representative (Clayton Kershaw anyone?)

Of course, leaving the voting up to the fans often means that more well known players often to get the nod. Seager had been a hyped prospect for a while before he earned a call-up last season and there was a little bit of hoopla around him going into the season.

Diaz, by contrast, was an injury replacement, who while talented, wasn’t expected to produce for a while, and certainly not at these levels.

In the end, it was Seager who got the the nod. Diaz, however, has been the better player. He’s a legitimate Rookie of The Year candidate, moreso than Seager. Look again at the numbers above before you argue that Seager deserves it more.

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As always, thanks for reading.

  • Richard Bizaillion July 11, 2016, 11:22 am

    the joke of this is Russell getting voted in and starting. there are at least 5-6 SS better than him. Crawford should be in the mix he has the highest WAR and most rbi

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