Thursday Trade Thoughts

Many St. Louis fans went to sleep last night wondering if Matt Holliday was going to be able to play again this season. For a select group of Cardinal insomniacs, however, one message on Twitter made resting impossible.

Now first of all, the term significant can mean many things to different people this time of year. The non-waiver trade deadline concludes tomorrow, but the insanity has been even more shocking this month in comparison to ever before. And that is saying something quite frankly, as there are still roughly 24 hours to withstand before taking a breath. It was this next message, though, that made any potential deal hard to figure out. When you are already on edge after another shutout and then hear a top prospect’s name being mentioned, well, it was best just to put down the phone and roll over.

Kaminsky has been overshadowed the past two seasons simply by being the second best pitching weapon in his team’s rotation. The southpaw mirrored Alex Reyes in Peoria and Palm Beach and appeared destined to make a late season move. Unfortunately, the address change will not be to Springfield as Kaminsky was dealt to Cleveland for Brandon Moss.

While typically trades are accomplished with the future in mind, this screams of desperation for the Cardinals. Kaminsky was recently rated by MLB as the 88th best prospect overall and 10th best LHP. Now he joins the Indians and becomes the 4th first-round pick to be dealt away in the last 12 months.

Ideally it is best to look at both sides of a deal, but this one is head-scratching. Giving away prospects for two-month rentals has always been a bitter pill to swallow, so this one still has a chance to work out in St. Louis. Moss comes with another year of control and if he hits bombs in October everyone will have this memory of Kaminsky to remember.


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