Been kind of a depressing week in the world of Cardinals Baseball this week. First was the whole hacking scandal, which I won’t get into as I’m sure it’s been talked about way too much already, and will be rubbed in our faces by every Cubs/Pirates/Reds/Brewers fan on the face of this earth I’m sure, and other fans too.

Add to that to the fact that the Cardinals offense, which had been doing pretty good, hasn’t scored more than four runs in 12 games. Thankfully, our pitching staff has held the fort, and we’ve gone 7-5 in that stretch. That won’t last forever, even with the fact that we have a strong pitching staff.

Indeed, the cracks are already starting to show. We lost the last two games to the over-achieving Twins by the scores of to one and two to one, respectively, wasting good starts by Carlos Martinez and Jaime Garcia.

And I think everybody else,  as i mentioned above, is loving it. I personally separate what’s happening in the front office from what’s happening on the field, but I don’t think other fans will bother making that distinction. They’ll simply label us cheaters, and cheer every loss, not realizing that a pitcher getting hammered, a batter going 0 for 4, or a key player getting injured.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but the whole “best fans in baseball” thing has been mocked endlessly, and the other teams in division, as well as our fans, resent us for our recent success, making me think that they were just looking for an excuse to lambast us. Well now they have it.

I suppose it makes sense that I’m feeling sick and melancholy, as it fits the Cards this week. The offense will hopefully turn around and this four runs or less stretch will be nothing but a blip on the radar of our season, but the scandal will be filed away and brought up every time we lose by other fans, regardless of the fact that it was probably a rogue executive acting on his own.

Yes, I ended up getting into the scandal, but I couldn’t help it. The last thing I want is for the Cards to be derided, and that’s pretty much a given now as I implied above.


As always, thanks for reading


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