Countdown to Cardinals: Kerry Robinson

zeroHappy Kerry Robinson Day to all who have waited what seems like years instead of just a few short months for actual games that count! This was going to be a recap of the past 50 days that gave just a glimpse of the history dating back to 1892 for the Birds on the Bat.

As Daniel and I talked leading up to Opening Night, however, it was clear that this Countdown would not be complete without one more important note. Of all the quirks over the years, one Cardinal stands out above the rest in terms of the numbers. Maybe it is because I’m a fan of the NBA and have seen #0 worn more frequently, but I was stunned to learn that Robinson alone has donned the St. Louis zero jersey.

Will we ever see it again under the Arch? A quick bit of research showed how rare the digit is across baseball, but I have learned to never say never. Here’s to hoping everyone gets a chance to tune in this evening (or listen if that is more your thing) since the Cubs are welcoming the Cards for the first time in 24 years to kick off the season.

This project has a been a blast and already looking forward to finding more ways to get some past numbers in on the fun. Maybe a draft or trade deadline run? The magic #’s always seem to get the attention down the stretch, but as the picture below proves even zero doesn’t have to be lonely anymore.

kerry robinson

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