The Utility Player…

Hello all, my name is Doug aka the Baseball Geek In Galveston, and as the title suggests, I view myself as kind of a utility player.

By that I mean that I do multiple things. I like to post about the Cards, sure, but I also make posts about other baseball related stuff. Not too many mind you, but a few.

Who am I?

Well, as my handle suggests, I’m a baseball geek. I like all facets of the game,  but the thing that  really gets me going is GM style analysis. Analyzing trades, roster moves, possible acquisitions, etc. I’m also working on figuring out how character affects the team, as well as trying to expand my knowledge on our minor league system. I like to profile players as well.

I’m not a stat-head per se, but I do appreciate stats and I use them often. My particular favorites are OBP for hitters and WHIP for pitchers.

As for me as a person, I’m a St. Louis transplant living in Galveston. I’m a high school teacher who started blogging not that long ago as way to accomplish several things: Share my desire for baseball, establish a writing routine, and get out of the shadows a little, as I have an anti-social nature.

My favorite Cardinals are Yadi, Carp, and Pat Neshek, who I hope we re-sign.

What should you expect from me? Posts that are generally short and to the point, with an occasional touch of humor. I welcome comments to any and all of my posts.

I can be found on twitter at @drv421g and am always willing to talk baseball in general and the cards specifically. Send me a message about any baseball issue and I’ll happily engage you in a discussion.

Included is a link to my other site, which I’ll probably use on occasion still. Feel free to visit and view my atrocious writings! 😉

Baseball Geek In Galveston

Thanks for reading, and I look foward to providing you guys with fun and informative stuff to read!



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