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This is something new I am developing here in the Cardinal Nerve Center. A post once a week dealing with the fans perspective. Far too often, I come here and spill my beans about the Cards and what they are doing and hope for people to read it and digest it. Well, I thought, why not get the fans side of the story? The same things I would ask myself but directed at them. When a twitter pal of mine suggested I interview him, I saw this as an opportunity to fire this idea up. So this is the first installment of…Voices of Cardinal Nation.


The first Voice of Cardinal Nation to have his voice heard is Cody, @STLMattinals on Twitter. I interact often with Cody and we have gone back and forth on certain issues. It’s always a friendly battle and each side gets a little knowledge in the end. So I agreed to send him some questions and get his take.

Here are my questions:

1.)Playoff start today. Who is on your roster? Randal Grichuk, Oscar Taveras or both? If both, who do you leave off?
2.)One game to win. Do you give the ball to Adam Wainwright this month or Chris Carpenter in his September 2011 bulldog mode?
3.)Love, hate, like or dislike Mike Matheny? Which one and why?
4.)Who is your leadoff hitter in 2015?
5.)Is Matt Adams an everyday player in 2015?
Here are Cody’s answers:
1. Grichuk. Oscar has potential, but Randal has flashed his glove, his arm, and his bat. He shows he wants to be on this team, I’m just not seeing the heart from OT yet. Grichuk is all blood, sweat, and baseball!
2. Carpenter hands down! Love Waino, but Carp gets the nod. When he was needed, he performed.
3. Dislike. We were spoiled with TLR. As Cardinals fans we KNEW the lineup prior to it coming out unless a day off or illness. Feels like 1,3,9 are set in stone the rest are lottery picks! There’s so much I dislike about the way he manages, but I’m not the front office.
4. Matt Carpenter. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Has the eye of an eagle at the dish, even better than some umpires behind the plate!
5. Certainly. Unless a trade is made in the offseason(which wouldn’t made since.) His bat is progressing! He hit lights out early in the season and has cooled off. Mark my words, he will be a gold glover next season!
There you are folks. The tale of one diehard Cardinals fan. Next week, I will randomly select the next fan to be interviewed and the questions will(for the most part) be different. I may retain 1 or 2 of them but will make sure a fresh batch is included.
I hope this is interesting to my readers and fans of the Conclave. Something few others are doing. Putting the keyboard in front of the regular fan.
Thanks for reading and Go Cardinals!
-Dan Buffa

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