UCB Project: Lining ’em up!

The United Cardinals Blogosphere is made up of an exceptional 40-man (plus!) roster. This month’s project is to craft that into a lineup, a roster, or otherwise. We’re doing a little role playing today, as you’ve seen from others here at the Conclave and around the UCB, and I’ve opted to play Mike Matheny over John Mozeliak. I’ll simply set the lineup, not the full roster. Even that wasn’t easy! But nevertheless, here it is.

UCB Starting Lineup

Lineup1. Dan Buffa, 3B (Cardinals Nerve Center)

If there’s a blogging equivalent to on-base percentage, Buffa has it figured out. You want consistent production? He’s the guy. You want speed? He’s got that covered, too. If getting on base and getting a post up can be compared, he’s a leadoff guy, no question.

2. Christine Coleman, RF (Aaron Miles’ Fastball)

Good fundamentals. High baseball IQ. Reliability no matter what the situation calls for. That’s just how AMF rolls.

3. Daniel Shoptaw, 1B (C70 At the Bat)

Quite simply, he’s what we call “clutch.” Every day, every game. He’s not only doing his job, but he’s teaching the rookies how to play in the Big Leagues, too.

4. Matt Whitener, LF (Cheap Seats Please)

If you need a little power, a guy to drive home a point or two, and a guy with potential to be a game changer, Matt’s your guy. (I mean, his name is “Matt.” That is almost an automatic RBI these days, right?) I’d want him in the heart of my lineup any day.

5. Cole Claybourn, CF (High Sock Sundays)

In baseball, you look for discipline at the plate. In writing, you look for discipline at the keyboard. Cole brings blends his training as a writer with his passion for the game. The result? A bWAR (blogging Wins Above Replacement) that you wouldn’t believe! Also, bonus points for high socks. Always.

6. Dathan Brooks, 2B (Go Crazy, Big Boy)

The bottom third of the lineup is all too often responsible for late-game rallies. Dathan can certainly hold his own (despite balancing “real work” and family responsibilities) and he won’t be intimidated by the task at hand. He’s sneaky good.

7. Wes Keene, SS (Keene On MLB)

A healthy dose of sarcasm does a clubhouse good. Wes will handle that! And he’s always good for a clutch hit or two. Plus, like Kolten Wong, he’s got a little pop.

8. Nick, P (Pitchers Hit Eighth)

…do I really even need to explain? Didn’t think so.

9. Daniel Solzman, C (Redbird Rants)

When you hit the pitcher 8th, you’re free to put another “on-base guy” in the ninth spot. If it’s content creation you’re looking for (which, again, is basically like OBP, right?), Redbird Rants has you covered. Daniel’s a table setter who won’t give away outs.


Oh, and I determined a few bullpen roles, too.


Jon Doble (Redbird Dugout)  — Think “Pat Neshek.”  He may not get into every single game, but when he does, the 7th and 8th are so under control.

John Nagel (Cardinals Farm) – He’s the specialist. Want to know something about the Baby Birds? He’s your guy.

Bill Ivie (I70 Baseball) – “He’s our closer,” as Matheny would say. Day in, day out. You just never worry about the job getting done!


Those that I didn’t mention specifically, don’t fret. I had several different versions of a full roster laid out, and was making myself crazy trying to finalize it. So just know this — you’re either warming up in the pen, or coming in off the bench. And you better be ready, because we’re all counting on you!


And with that, I turn the managing reigns back over to the professionals, but I’ll offer my help anytime they’d like it!



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