Mozeliak did the right thing by standing pat at the trade deadline

Some of you think it’s important to go all in when you have a team a piece or two away.  Others think that holding on to the prospects the Cards have in the system are worth keeping for the potential in years ahead.  Some of you see the bigger picture and I’m with you on that.  With the second wildcard introduced last year, more teams are in the race longer, which means more teams are looking to add players.  The teams that are the sellers are going to ask for too much, especially when dealing with the Cards.  Any conversation was going to start with Oscar Taveras and end with Michael Wacha or Carlos Martinez.

Being in the middle of a long losing streak didn’t help the fans feelings towards what they thought GM John Mozeliak should have done at the trade deadline.  These things happen though.  Even with a 7-game losing streak, the Cards are still in the middle of NL Central race, ½ game behind the Pirates.  I heard it all during the losing streak.  Some said Adam Wainwright wasn’t an ace.  Others claimed…well, there’s just too many to list.

I’d rather the Cards ride it out with the team they currently have and hold on to the important pieces of the future.  I’m not sure which players out of the Cards top prospects that may be and neither do you.  That’s why it’s a good idea to keep them in the system and see which ones work out, because more than likely all of them won’t.  If the Cards don’t win it all, there will be many fans that will claim that a certain player would have put us over the top.  For a team that won the World Series in 2011 and was one game of going back a year later under a new regime, you’d think they’d have the benefit of the doubt.  If you think you know more about what the Cards need than Mike Matheny and Mo, you can always turn in your resume at Busch Stadium.  Let me know how that works out.

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