Weekend Warriors

As a military veteran, I am familiar with being in the enemy’s backyard, and my wife has been introduced to the life as well. Christi and I celebrated Memorial Day in Kansas City, but that can hardly be categorized as hostile territory. The Royals are used to seeing Kauffman going ‘red’ plus St. Louis typically plays like it is at home there anyway.

Now the story takes another turn, because this weekend we are in Chicago to see my brother. He lives about a mile from Wrigley and claims to not remember growing up in a Cardinal household. And that is okay since the Cubs are playing Pittsburgh, currently tied for second in the NL Central. The Pirates brought the aces this weekend, and A.J. Burnett can find two more ‘fans’ booing him today.

I won’t wear any Cubbie blue but certainly will be rooting for the home town squad to aid the Cardinals this weekend. It may only be the first week in June, but that doesn’t stop the hatred for the enemy!

Super Shelby

Four dollar tickets have never been used better than on Thursday at Busch. My Dad missed out on the UCB Weekend, so we decided to use St. Louis as the pit stop before trekking up to the Windy City. Shelby Miller was again the pitcher on the mound and looked to be having the same type of game that he did here. Something clicked after the first inning, however, and the rest is history.

The Cardinals ran out of fireworks by the fifth blast, and it marked the first time in Busch III history that the feat was accomplished. Given that it was 6/6, I was getting greedy and hoping for home run #6 in honor of The Man. The bullpen was a little sketchy except for Kevin Siegrist but hoping that was due to the low leverage situations.

Draft Delusions

Being a guru at anything is hard, and this year’s draft proved just how wrong most ‘experts’ are. I count myself in that category (the wrong, not the expert) but had the perfect opportunity to change my fortunes Wednesday night. As Daniel and I hosted the UCB Radio Hour, I had completely forgotten about the talk with Mo about draft needs. If I had been on my game, that would have been my moment!

Just say that St. Louis was going to go all-in with Left-Handed Pitchers, and I could have been a star. Okay, the star is a bit much but you know what I mean. The Cardinals took four lefties in their first 11 picks, and that was certainly not expected. Everything fell into place, though, and today’s final round brings more players into the fold.

The play begins soon for both State College and Johnson City, and all of the action can be followed at the CC with Prospect Preacher‘s daily reports.

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