Cardinals Nerve Center

If you listened around St. Louis this afternoon after the Cardinals signed veteran bat Mark Reynolds to a one year deal, there wasn’t much optimism in the air. One would think the Cards just signed a guy to a long term deal and dumped a ton of money into him. Many are overthinking this smart [...]

Greetings folks, While I have relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas, some things haven’t changed. The trek towards getting my three year old son potty trained is still active and ongoing. He still trashes the house. I can still have St. Louis coffee at an arm’s reach and the St. Louis Cardinals don’t drift far from [...]

When I submitted my annual Cardinal Blogger Awards ballot, I put answers without explanation. That’s what I get for trying to do it at work and not taking the proper time to give a little thought to my reasoning. You can view my original ballot right here. I am going to give the ballot a [...]

Five Things On The Cards

Good morning folks. As Thanksgiving nears, I find myself hearing some Cards related questions and ramblings. I posted a small Q&A with John Mozeliak yesterday, but now I want to tackle some popular hot takes here myself. Present a rumor or statement and respond to it. It’s late November. It’s cold out. Everything outside is [...]

Q & A With John Mozeliak

This month, the gentleman that pulls the strings on the St. Louis Cardinals’ roster and operations, John Mozeliak, sat down and answered a long list of questions from various United Cardinal Bloggers. Some questions were sent in twice but he answered all of them. Whatever you think about the general manager, at the end of [...]

Remember last year right before Thanksgiving, John Mozeliak pulled the unthinkable and signed PED inflicted Jhonny Peralta to a 4 year pricey deal. People were mad, perplexed and oddly pleased by the urgency of the deal. Eventually, Peralta proved to be hungry to forget about the past and carved out a fine spot at shortstop [...]

Every November, there comes a time where the United Cardinal Bloggers uncoil a table full of awards and honors. Some for the players, a few for the local media and a section where we take a look in the mirror and see how far we have come as bloggers and informers. Let’s get this show [...]

The Jay Bargain

If Matt Holliday is the whipping boy in Cardinal Nation for being the most expensive position player, Jon Jay is known for being the guy people can’t seem to value correctly. People will bring up their strongest Colby Rasmus defense here when slamming Jay, saying they won’t the home runs that Colby has produced in [...]

Yadier Molina and the Gold Glove award for catcher are becoming quite acquainted with each other. Since 2008, no other catcher in the National League has won the award. He has taken it home seven straight seasons, a sign of power, reverence and a legend being crafted right before our eyes. When Albert Pujols left [...]

One Week Later…

A week ago, the world lost Oscar Taveras, a bright young talented star to a tragic car accident. His girlfriend also perished in the accident. Since then, The Kansas City Royals were defeated by the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. Baseball has come to a standstill again and closed its doors for the [...]

When I found out about the death of 22 year old St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras, I didn’t want to believe it. I blocked it out for a few minutes and took the field in a softball game. Minutes later, it came rushing back when I stepped to the plate. Maybe it’s because I [...]

It’s Just A Game

A week ago, the Cardinals were eliminated from postseason play. Their season came to an end on a long game winning home run off the bat of Travis Ishikawa that was delivered by Michael Wacha. The lights didn’t dim. They were shut off for the winter. When it happened, I felt anger, resentment and foolish [...]

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